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Slow Burn

IYARA is like a slow slow burn. And I mean very slow burn. When you start getting your treatment, you think WTF did I just waste my dolla dolla bills for? I'm just getting pressed up and down my body. Then they start their Thai massage thing. My 1st time, I was not sure what I was in for. Wow, talk about some serious yoga stretch treatment. Your hips don't lie. You will feel the burn. It seems neverending and you're getting treated from toe to head. At the end, it's the nice soothing head area care...ZZzzzzzz. You are sad when it's over. These petite Azn ladies are lil pistols. They have really really strong hands. But oh so soft at the same time so pleasure & pain kinda of run into each other. Plus they're really great about keeping things discreet. I throw all the pieces of clothing off except that piece of material they call a thong. The ladies keep that area nicely covered with the towel at all times. Even when they're twisting you into a pretzel, they move the towel around so it's always on. Not sure if I recommend men to go without, unless you want your jewels swinging around all over and it could get caught in a bad pretzel move. I enjoy the hot towels and the lil rub that comes with it. It does suck balls that your head is either lying to the left or right because if you center it, you'll suffocate. So the headrest and massage tables you get at the spas is not here. So smidge uncomfortable so keep moving that head

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