I love Massage

I love massages! I require a massage at least once a month. I would definitely go more often if time permits. I've had Chinese, Swedish, Korean, Tibetan, etc... but my favorite has always been a Traditional Thai Massage. That being said, this place probably places top 3 on my list of Thai Massages. Prices: $45 for 30minutes $65 for 60minutes $90 for 90minutes They ladies here are very friendly. They smile and greet you as you come in. The place is simple and cute. However I really didn't like is that their massage rooms are build in and the walls don't reach the ceiling so you can hear everything going on outside including conversations in the nearby rooms. The other thing is that they have massage tables here instead of massage beds that are much more optimal for the stretching and twisting techniques utilized in Thai massages. I had Kobe and she was great. She was very nice and she asked if I had any problem areas before we started. Then she asked me to take off my clothes except my panties and lay facedown on the table, under the towel. This is also probably a western influence since most Thai massages I go to provide loose fishermen clothing to make it easy to stretch. But anyways, I just went with it. Kobe is amazing and I definitely felt like kobe beef after she was done with me! She definitely used deep deep deep pressure so if you like it gentle, find someone else. I felt like she genuinely cares and she does her best to work out all of the stubborn knots. She used some amazing strokes that I have never felt before! It was almost painful, but definitely in a good way. Okay being naked is not the best idea for Thai massages... Despite the towels covering me, they kept falling off every time she twisted me up like a pretzel. Yeah, pretty awkward... So basically 5 star for the quality of massage and amazing techniques by Kobe but the noise level, massage tables and awkward naked situation really takes away from the overall experience. I'll definitely be back, but if Kobe ever finds a job elsewhere I'll follow her!! Lol :) Oh one last thing!! They ARE accepting Credit Cards now!! Yay!!

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