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 Iyara Thai Bodywork is an ancient healing art proven to alleviate lower back pain, reduce stress, and release muscle tension by applying healing pressure directly on the site seeking relief. Iyara Thai Bodywork is your one-stop-shop massage facility specializing in Traditional Thai Massage, Swedish Massage, Combination Thai/Swedish, Couples Massage, Men, women, and couples are welcome. We recommend that you make a reservation, and walk-ins are welcome. Our licensed massage therapists are ready to serve you. Iyara Thai bodywork is the first authentic Thai Massage spa specializing in age-old Thai practices along with contemporary procedures. Thai massages alternate between assisted Yoga and acupressure. This combination will ensure a unique experience for every customer seeking relief from tight muscles, chronic tension, and those looking to promote overall health throughout the entire body. The staff at Iyara Thai bodywork believes everyone should take advantage of the therapeutic and stress-relieving benefits of massage therapy. Our certified massage therapists will create an oasis of healing and tranquility with the sole goal of catering to your needs. Are you seeking improved circulation? Need relief from sore muscles?

At Iyara Thai bodywork, We are committed to ensuring you enjoy a caring and healing experience provided by a professional massage therapist every time you visit.


Why get a massage?

    Massage is known to improve blood flow and eases tension, thus providing relaxation to muscles. While gentle massages are pleasurable, it does not necessarily offer relief to sufferers of acute low back pain. Combining massage with other treatments, such as physical therapy and chiropractic, is likely to produce the best results. In addition, back massages, in combination with non-medical treatments, back exercises, and good diet, ensure gradual pain relief. Massage Therapy Association, research proves that massage therapy provides many important health benefits, including: Improvement in blood circulation in the body, which aids in the recovery of muscle soreness due to physical activity. Relaxation of muscles for an improved range of motion. Muscle relaxation also helps in the treatment of insomnia. Increased endorphin levels. The increase in endorphin levels is actually one of the greatest benefits of massage therapy. Endorphins are body chemicals that lend a feel-good feeling, which is very effective in managing chronic pain. It is important to ensure that precautions are exercised while receiving massage therapy. Your muscle should relax in response to the pressure applied by a massage therapist, in the absence of which, it is possible that muscles are inflamed. In such cases, you should not opt for back massages as a treatment option and consult his/her doctor for the treatment. Most muscle spasms require four massage treatments, usually spread over a six weeks period, to achieve the best results. If muscle spasms do not respond to the neuromuscular therapy within two massages, try using another therapy.


If you have severe lower back pain, it is advisable that you undergo a thorough medical checkup before commencing the massage therapy. Full body massage can produce multiple benefits for your health. These benefits go far beyond an hour spent relaxing quietly, escaping the day. An increasing amount of evidence indicates that stress and tension form the root causes of many diseases and illnesses. Hence, if you are able to find ways to alleviate or relieve your stress, you are preventing health problems from emerging or becoming worse. Going for a full body massage on a regular basis is one excellent way to help you fight off tensions. Full body massage stimulates the production of endorphins that promotes relaxation and drowsiness. When you go for full body massage, your head to your toes and feet are massaged both front and back. A variety of strokes that includes kneading, pulling, wringing, hacking, and gliding are used on various parts of the body. If you are already ill or suffering from constant fatigue or pain, then full body massage can play a big part in your treatment. A full body massage helps to improve blood circulation and blood becomes more easily transportable to the vital organs in your body. This is vital for the smooth functioning of your internal body parts. In addition, when blood is supplied to areas that have been injured before, repair and renewal of cells and tissues take place more easily. Combined with conventional medicine and other therapies, repeat sessions of full body massage can do much to accelerate your recovery.


Here are a few disorders that benefit from regular full-body massage:
* Depression
* Post-operative recovery
* Immune-suppressed systems
* Diabetes
* High blood pressure
* Sleep disorders
* Low back pain
When you choose a full body massage, you choose a non-invasive procedure. In addition, full massage therapy, which is relatively safe, can be a complementary treatment to other medical treatments.
Other than improved blood circulation, here are other benefits that you can expect to experience from a full-body massage.
* Stimulated lymph system
* Stimulated immune system
* Relaxed muscles
* Reduced cramps
* Increased flexibility
* Reduced recovery time
* Released endorphins
* Reduced post-operative scar tissue and edema
* Reduced migraine pain
* Improved range of motion
* Reduced depression

As helpful as full body massage can be, those with certain illnesses should avoid the treatment. These include phlebitis, certain cancers, certain heart conditions, certain skin problems, and contagious diseases.
To be absolutely sure, check with your doctor first if you are chronically ill. Otherwise, enjoy it on a regular basis!

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